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The story of how I became a fantasy writer is probably something you've heard before— or even experienced yourself!

I grew up on games and anime, slowly learning to appreciate the value of a good story. I started with simple RPGs, as they had the most story compared to shooters and the like. As the gaming industry continued to progress, I began noticing a higher amount of story-driven videogames such as 'The Last Of Us', 'Mass Effect' and many others.

All the while, I delved into the world of fanfiction for all of my favorite games and anime, which eventually led me to gain an appreciation for the written word and its tremendous potential. And so, I took the next natural step and dove headlong into many fantasy novels, going on epic adventures and experiencing all emotions under the sun.

Most importantly, I knew that this was what I truly loved.

And so, here I am, making my contribution to this remarkable society. I am glad to share my stories with you all and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.



The Dreg Of Bellmead

Finding out there was a world of magic lurking right under his nose sounded like fun— until he made contact.

Instead, Nevan has to fight for his survival in a world of monsters, blood sacrifice and death, as well as maintain his sanity when the voices of the souls he'd consumed begin to speak to him.

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